Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book Give Away

I write in two different genres.  My first love for reading and writing is epic fantasy. I love the medieval settings and the combination of swords and magic.  But I have found it more difficult to market my fantasy books than my romance books.

Most of us know the numbers.  Over half of all genre fiction being sold is romance.  Romance writers do lots of promotion and there seem to be more places to buy or request exposure for your book.  Coffeetime Romance in a great site and my favorite it The Romance Studio.  An author can join TRS and do lots of free promotion.  One of the promos involves giving away one of your books and gaining a list of names to add to a mailing list should you want to keep one. 

I've promoted my romance books on TRS and Coffeetime.  Did it help sales? I don't know.  I also don't know of any such promotional sites for my fantasy books.  So today I'm giving away a print copy of The Keepers of Sulbreth at TRS.  It's the first book in my epic fantasy series but I'm searching out all avenues of promotion and hoping for the best.  You can hop over to the book-a-day giveaway page and sign up for a chance to win it. 

Do you know of any promotional or review sites that do for fantasy books what TRS and Coffeetime do for romance?  Have you ever paid to promote your book. Was it worth it?


  1. Paid to promote? No, I haven't outside of giveaways during a blog tour or a special occasion.

  2. The Keepers of Sulbreth is such a great book, Sue. If I didn't already have my own copy, I'd head right over to sign up for a chance to win one.

    Good luck with your promotion. I'm going to post your giveaway over at my blog.

  3. I'm sorry I don't know of any promotion sites but I wish you all the luck with it. Keepers of Sulbreth is a great story. I'm looking forward to reading the next one!

  4. I don't know of any promotional sites, I'm afraid; nor have I ever tried to promote my own work.

    Good luck with your marketing!

  5. I've never paid to promote because I prefer people who know me to help with promotion through contests and such, none of which I've done much either to promote my book. Come to think of it, I do very little to promote. I'm of the get yourself out there and be a real person philosophy and others who relate to you will find your books.

  6. I've never paid to promote my book/ Why? There is so much available to do yourself for no cost. Guest blogging at other sites is very effective. And free.

  7. I've paid minimal fees, mostly to be part of events at well-known sites such as LASR, which is high traffic. Whether that translated to sales, it's difficult to gauge, but any exposure's good exposure!
    Have you tried Bitten by Books? I don't know of any other fantasy review sites but I bet if you Google it you'll find some. Or post the question on one of the loops?