Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It Takes All Kinds

Not all writers are the same.  We have different processes, work at different speeds and certainly write different stories.  We're different in lots of ways, age, sex, political beliefs, and even our nationalities. Yet when we get together either online or in person, we usually find lots of things we have in common.

Promotion, editing, character development, sagging middles, time management, and oh yeah, promotion. We give each other advice, encouragement and help each other promote.  Yet we're all different people engaged in similar struggles.  This Friday, October 14th, lots of us are going to thank some of those who help us by participating in Alex Cavanaugh's Pay-It-Forward blog day.

Perhaps you can join in and thank some people who have helped you.  Even if you don't join in, please visit and perhaps find some new fun blogs to follow. 


  1. Love the picture!

    A great shout out to a very worthy blogfest.

  2. Love that pic! I'll see you on Friday!

  3. Ha! Love the bird pic.
    I signed up for the hop yesterday - great idea! :)

  4. Thanks for plugging the blogfest! It will be awesome.

  5. I'm all geared up for the 'fest. It's going to be a hell of a day!

  6. Looking forward to Friday's posts.

    (Love the picture.)