Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I've read some stuff recently on the actual chemistry of love.  There have been studies that have proven the brain releases certain chemical like dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is released when you do something pleasurable. People can get addicted to activities that cause the release of dopamine, like drugs, eating chocolate, and falling in love.  There's lots more chemistry involved but this isn't a science blog.  Today it's a blog about love or maybe love stories.

When an author writes a romance, there are some rules readers expect in a romance novel.  The 'happily everafter' is one of the things that make a novel into a romance novel.  Most readers want the main protagonists to be monogamous.  Even though some science claims men aren't naturally wired to be with just one woman, science also says they live longer and healthier if they pick one good woman and stay with her.

The romance writer also has to insure there's more to the attraction between two people than appearance alone.  Again science questions the role of scent but most of know what we like.  Is it that mystery called pheromones or are we borrowing that idea from the animal world? All of which the smart romance writer will include descriptions including more than height and weight.

So how does a romance writer get those demanding readers to sample her work?  Great cover art is a place to start.  That cover might convince someone to open that first page or read that free portion available online.  I believe my cover for my latest romance, A Tiger's Courage, is the best for showing two characters in love.  Happy Valentine's Day. Hope your romance is producing all the right chemicals for you.


  1. Cover art is important. More than ever. People do judge a book by its cover. We're visual by nature.

  2. Any man who can get just one woman to stay with him for life should count his blessings!

  3. I also think cover art has a lot to do with our reading choices. When I'm cruising around a bookstore, I'm much more likely to pull a book with a great cover off the shelf to read the synopsis.

  4. Your opening paragraph made me think of this song:

  5. Interesting post, Susan. Good points, all. Evolutionary psychology is a fascinating subject and can be utilized well in romances.. I found my way here with the A to Z blog linky-list. :-) Nice to meet you.

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