Friday, August 22, 2014

Week Wrap Up

Time for some wisdom from my trusty Old Farmer's Almanac Planner. We've been watching some of the Little League World Series so baseball is even more on our minds than usual at our house. According to the Old Farmer's, there are about 450 feet of wool yarn in a baseball. Lots of us have probably unwound an old baseball at some point in our lives. And on an historical note for tomorrow, Fannie Farmer opened a cooking school in Boston in 1902. Do you think they baked beans? A bit of dreaded news from the most recent publication of the Old Farmer's Almanac, we're going to have another cold and snowy winter here in the northeast USA.

I'm happy to finally be back at work on my WIP though I don't know if I'll make my goal for this month. I'm pretty much behind where I wanted to be but I've been spending a lot of time with my daughter before she heads off to college.

Sharing a bit of science news from BBC news, seems our ancient forefathers shared Europe with those tough old thick-headed Neanderthals for a longer period of time than we thought. According to the scientific speculation, the two species of humanoids probably did some trading and mostly lived in peace together. Amazing that two species could get along though they were barely civilized by today's standards but modern humans all of the same species can't. It really makes me question what the word 'civilized' actually means.

Did you ever unwind the guts of a baseball? Did you ever hear of Fannie Farmer's cooking school? Are you on target for your writing goals for the week, month or year? Do you think Neanderthals made good neighbors?


  1. I've been so happy about the female Philadelphia little league pitcher leading them to the world series. She's awesome.

    And I'm way, way off on my writing goal. Sigh.

    Have fun with your daughter while she's here!

  2. I've been watching some of the Little League games.
    Enjoy time with your daughter.
    And I'll take another snowy winter!

  3. Enjoy that time with your daughter!

  4. Civilized this day in age means putting up a good front but being a caveman behind the scenes.

  5. I think they were more civilized back then.

  6. my sons have opened a baseball and my hub has a diagram of a cross-section of one - they love baseball!

    i think people can be civilized or not no matter what their circumstances - i'm just glad our civilization has toilets!

  7. Writing goals for the week? 1200 words a day, at least!

    As to everything else, I've not had much of an interest in baseball or baseballs, really, though I am surprised that early humans and neanderthals lived together in harmony. Seems to go against our very nature.

  8. That bit of information about earlier species is quite interesting and it is ironic that primitive man coexisted better than the modern form. So much for progress, heh?