Friday, September 27, 2013

Family and Weather

I can think of lots of bad excuses not to write, but recently I've been plagued, blessed, with some good ones.

Central Pennsylvania has experienced a weeks long run of beautiful, terrific, sunny and dry weather. We're talking mid 70's during the day with little humidity and nights in the 40's to 50's. Perfect sleeping weather and day times that draw you outside and won't let you return to your desk.

Yesterday I went for my morning run and extended it by ten minutes just to be outside. Then I had to pick some tomatoes and peppers from my plants that won't stop giving. Then I had to check out the backyard where some friends are clearing out some deadfall. Oh, and carry some wood into the garage in case winter ever shows up. Then when I should have been writing, I just walked outside a few times. Sat on the deck and read for a little bit. It was lovely.
The red hills of Colorado

Two of my children are out of state at the moment. My daughter is at Boston University and my son is in Colorado Springs doing an internship. Both miles away and sorely missed. But only a phone call away. My daughter and I have spend so much time together since her birth. Did I mention she has five big brothers? We think the same thing at the same time so often... So while miles apart we have to reach out and tell each other all the little things in our day that we understand the other one must know right away. My son in Colorado has so many things going on with his work and his future employment plans. And we had to worry about him during the flooding. We have to speak to him at least once a day. Let me explain that they call me. I'm not one of those hovering parents. And when they call, I put the writing aside and talk for as long as they want. What parent wouldn't?

So these two wonderful things, beautiful weather and loving family, have slowed down my word count for the last few weeks. But I DON'T care. Priorities.

What wonderful things have interfered in your writing lately? Do you feel guilt when you set aside your writing for something else? How's your weather going into this first weekend of fall?


  1. It's always nice to have some background info about you. Have a lovely day.

  2. Family and good weather are excellent reasons. I never feel guilty about putting aside my writing anymore. Writing is just one branch of a big tree.

  3. Family is always a good reason to set aside writing. I don't like to go outside when it's humid, so the cool autumn air is very welcome right now.

  4. Imagine if you were trying to cram all of that in around a job?
    Nice that your kids call you every day.

  5. The weather has been gorgeous here for sure. I've had to go outside just to sit in the sun several times when I should be writing too.

    And I'm usually the reverse when I,m writing. I feel guilty for setting aside other things to find the time to write. Oy!

  6. Without the balance of spending quality time with your family and other things you love, your writing would suffer.
    Enjoy the weather while you can!

  7. My poor state has had more rain than it knows what to do with. And poor Colorado Springs has to deal with all the damage of the fires too--that certainly doesn't help with the floods. Manitou Springs, near Co Springs has been hit hard.

    Ahh-- love PA's fall weather. I grew up there and miss it.

  8. And those are good reasons to put off writing. Always family first.
    So nice you've had great weather! We've had so much rain down in FLA it's just a big soggy mess. Algae is growing on the sidewalks. lol
    I'm looking forward to fall!
    I feel the need to go spend time with my parents now ...

  9. This week started out chilly but gradually warmed up and today is gorgeous. I'm just about to head outside and take my dog for a nice walk.

  10. Family is SOOOO important, Susan.... ENJOY them! I miss mine so and sadly they are not on this earth any longer... I wish I could call them and talk as long as I'd like.

    Writing will always be there.

    I ENJOY the outdoors and lovely weather, TOO! IT feeds the soul. SO it's never a waste of writing time.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. I'm glad you took the time to enjoy the moment and the weather.

    Following you again from my new identity. New blog is

  12. An extra ten minutes just to be outside is soooo worth it. Glad you're enjoying the fall. It's wonderful here as well.